Xylo, the Wolf Baron (wolfbaronxylo) wrote,
Xylo, the Wolf Baron

Kindle version of the Book is on sale


  • Book Review

    Not dead yet. Hoping to squeeze a few more pimps out of this here livejournal. . . The Mosquito Song or, more specifically, its vampire…

  • Polite Scott House Challenge

    1. Ketosis 2. Hairy Cell Leukemia 3. Lupus 4. Sarcoidosis 5. Paraneoplastic Syndrome 6. Babesiosis 7. Schistosomiasis 8. Pancreatic Cancer 9.…

  • Oh yeah.

    So, you fellas can pre-order the book already over at http://theopenend.com/bookstore/ . And check out behind the scenes action over at…

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