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There and back again. [Jan. 3rd, 2005|12:50 pm]
Xylo, the Wolf Baron
The wedding tale.

We begin as all great journey's do: at Steak and shake.

Our hero, Arthur, prepares for a long night.

and it is indeed, a long night.

This is what passes for "facilities" in the deep south.

Finally at the inn, our hero Dan, rests, dreaming of comics and alcohol.

Now both of these shoes, allegedly, are size 11...

Arthur, holding an invisible snifter of brandy, contemplates his choice of outfits.

Puny collars are no match for the mighty neck of XYLO!!

"But, Hecubus, I haven't seen that movie."


Jesus has such a lovely house.

We need to rehearse dinner.

I am quite skilled.

The Victim:

Vampiress and Vampire Slayer: their pre-marital bliss.

This looks like a job for: THE PIPS!!

Direct-to-video pose: THREE THEY STAND MIGHTY!

"Hey, stop standing on the cake!"

Dave and Pyrex, his fiancee slash mother.

Hirsute with their parachute boots.

"Some folks call it a sling blade,"

"I call it a kaiser blade."

"So, Maid of Honor..."

"If Laura cannot fulfill her duties, then..."

"Wait a tick... she isn't wearing black..."

Merry Ditty did a good job. She was really good...

For me to poop on!

"Why do they laugh at my mighty sword?"

"Who is next? Who wants some? You.. You want some?"

"Cake, of course."

One must be careful not to disturb a Dan in its natural habitat.

The happy couple.

They will be together forever. Stubborn monkeys.

More Direct to video posing!
Charlie's Angel and the Badman!

Undertaker meets Dead Elvis!

A less dynamic pose with the little lady.

A pair of tossings:

The Car:

And the villagers cheer!

The happy couple flees an onslaught of bubbly death!

Whilst the crowd watches:

And they lived happily ever after... I think...

From: mxzzy
2005-01-03 06:27 pm (UTC)
More pictures of the daughter!
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